Cheapskate was founded by Frank Lea, the brother of Slade's Jimmy Lea.  It was intended originally as nothing more than a one-off label, a vehicle for The Dummies' single 'When The Lights Are Out' (FWL-001), the Dummies being Frank himself on drums and Jimmy on everything else.  The record wasn't a hit, but it was successful enough to persuade Frank to extend the label's life.  Slade's manager Chas Chandler came on board and there were changes of label design (2) and catalogue numbering (to CHEAP-0).   The second CHEAP single, 'You Gotta Be A Hustler If You Wanna Get On' by Sue Wilkinson (CHEAP-002; 6/80) was a hit, getting to No. 25 in the Top Thirty; Slade joined the label shortly afterwards and provided four more hits.  Despite these successes, Cheapskate seems to have expired c.1982.  Manufacture and distribution from CHEAP-2 onwards were by RCA.  Frank Lea went on to found another label, 'Speed', which is outside the scope of this site.  Thanks to Robert Bowes for the first scan and for bringing the label to my attention.

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