An independent company from the late '70s and early '80s.  Clubland appears to have been the label of the Stuart Johnson's 'Fair Deal Recording Studio', of Hayes.  Fair Deal offered a custom recording service, pressing singles for anybody who was prepared to pay for it; thus while it managed a good number of releases they aren't commonly found.  Its first few records had no label name or logo but they had a credit to Stuart Johnson Productions on them; I've listed them separately under that name (q.v.).  Numbering, which was shared by singles, EPs and LPs alike, was in an SJP-700 series; it started at SJP-761, which may well indicate that the first year of operations was 1976 - SJP-767 can be definitely pinned down to that year.  The Clubland label as such made its first appearance on SJP-769, a version of 'Sex Machine' by the St. Kitts Steel Band.  As can be seen from the partial discography below, a lot of records with Clubland numbers came out on other independent / DIY labels.  The Clubland label came in at least two different colours: black on red, and silver on black.  The design remained the same for both types.  An example from 1979 gives the company's address as 1, Gledwood Drive, Hayes, Middlesex.  Clubland survived until at least 1985, by which time the numbers had reached the SJP-850.  The discography given here is rather gappy and only covers the '70s.  Thanks to Sam Mauger for the second scan.

Copyright 2006 Robert Lyons.