One of Britain's premier Strict Tempo Dancing labels - there can't be a Ballroom Dancing school in the country that hasn't got a sprinkling of Dansan LPs next to the record player.  Dansan singles, however, are much rarer; which, given the company's target audience, is hardly surprising.  The label, which was owned by Tommy Sanderson, appears to have lasted from 1978 until at least 1986.  It issued more than seventy albums during the course of its existence, but so far I have only managed to trace four seven-inch records: one single and three EPs.  It would appear from their catalogue numbers that LPs, EPs and singles alike initially shared a common '000' numbering, with different prefixes for the different formats: singles were prefixed 'SDS', EPs 'DSEP' and albums 'DS'.  There was, however, a separate DSEP-500 series for 'Shall We Dance' EPs in 1979 (2); it seems to have been short-lived.

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