A custom recording concern from Rochester.  Information about DTS is hard to come by, and most of the records that I have seen on that label have had no date on them.  Happily albums by Reg Haynes (DTS-009) and Ken Hollow (DTS-010) have been dated 1976 online, and the single by the players of Chatham Town F.C., 'The Return Of The Chats' (DTS-023) has '1979' on it.  Add to those the fact that single by NWOBHM band Stallion, 'Sleeping Warriors' (DTS-035), is dated 1981 on a couple of sites, and that suggests that the Mick Urry Showband EP shown above is from c.1975 and the Bobby Redway EP from c.1980.  Singles, EPs and albums alike shared the same DTS-000 numbering.  Records with DTS catalogue or matrix numbers also appeared on other labels: see Floodlight, Freeman, Sticky (2) and Web.  The few DTSes that I have managed to track down are listed below; the products of custom recording firms are notoriously difficult to track down, so there may well be others.  The Sweet Illusion album gives a credit to Dave Tewes as engineer; it seems possible that his initials are the 'DT' in DTS and that the studio was his.  Albums are in brackets, and 'RUM' in the manufacturers indicates a small firm called C. H. Rumble.  Thanks to Robert Bowes for the scan of the Chatham Town record, and to Mike Carrick and Sam Mauger for discographical input.

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