One of those cases where a label probably didn't have an actual name and I've had to use the artist's name in order to give it an identity.  Poet and multi-instrumentalist John Huscroft issued a self-financed six-track EP called 'In The Front Line / No Man's Land' in 1975.  The tracks were 'Censors', 'Pinhead Ponce (Part 2)', Stereotypes', 'Hacks', 'The Purge', and 'Nazi Blimps'; most of them were recorded at Budget Studios, London.  The EP had a catalogue number of JHEP-1.  The label was black and was of a simple design, with the artist's name and the title of the record at the top and the track listing at the bottom; printing was in silver.   There was a circular area of roughness around the spindle hole, which suggests a British Homophone pressing, but as I've only seen pictures and not the actual vinyl I can't be certain.  If John Huscroft made any more records Googling has failed to come up with them.

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