The record label of a firm of book and magazine publishers.  Mary Glasgow & Baker appears to have operated from the late 1950s to the early '70s.  Its records may have been intended to be included as part of book / record packages rather than for sale as separate items.  In the early '60s the company issued a series of 'Holiday Language Entertainment Guides' for various languages, each guide consisting of a booklet and four flexi discs; several of their subsequent products, however, were proper vinyl records.  Most of the ones that I have seen listed were from the '60s but the Jan Rosol EP 'Eight Songs by Elma Soiron' (LYN-1968) was from 1970 and qualifies the label for inclusion on this site.  The records that I have seen have had no catalogue numbers, just Lyntone matrix numbers; and the songs on them were all in French, which is mildly odd.  Thanks to Robert Bowes for the third scan and for bringing the label to my attention.

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