In 1975 the single shown above, 'Scallywag' by Scallywag was issued on a plain yellow label which was devoid of label name, songwriter credits, and publishing details.  Because I've had to name the label in order to list it, I've called it 'Mickey Finn', after the production credit on the record; my reason being that the initials make up the prefix of the catalogue number, MF-111.  If anybody knows what the actual name of it was (if it had one), I'd be glad to hear from them.  According to BillyMcSilly of the 45cat site Scallywag were from Norwich; they had previously been known as Mickey Finn, which sheds some light on matters.  Billy Two of that site, who was kind enough to give his permission for the scan to be used here, reports that the 'A' side of the single has Glam overtones, while the 'B', a version of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song 'Teach Your Children', doesn't take liberties with the original.  Are there any more MF-100s out there?

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