A short-lived but nowadays highly-collectable label.  Middle Earth was owned by publishing company Shapiro Bernstein, according to Billboard magazine (23rd August 1969).  It lasted from 1969-70 and issued just five singles, which were numbered in the MDS-100s.  There was also a various artists EP containing tracks from the first three albums, which may have been for promotional purposes only.  All command respectable sums nowadays, as do the albums - LPs by Arcadium and the Writing On The Wall tend to go for three figures.  Writing On The Wall and Arcadium were Rock bands, Tam White was a Soul / Rock singer, while the Sweet Plum singles were a sort of orchestrated Pop.   Manufacture and distribution of Middle Earth records were by Pye; as was the case with other Pye labels of that time, demo copies were coloured yellow (2).

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