A Soul label, and a part of the United Artists family.  I have only been able to trace four records on Midnight Hour so far, all of which are reissues of old Soul tracks.  Despite the various dates on the labels, which show the years when the tracks originally came out, they all date from Spring 1975.  Timmy White's 'Mr. Soul Satisfaction' (UP-35352) originally came out on United Artists, with the same number, in 1972.  The Homer Banks single, 'Hooked By Love' (UP-35804) had also been out on United Artists, in Britain, earlier in the decade (UP-35360; 1972), but the Midnight Hour reissue had a different 'B' side, which may have led to its being given a new catalogue number; had it kept the old 'B' side it might have kept the old number.  If you see what I mean.  Thanks to Robert Bowes for the first scan and for bringing the label to my attention.

Copyright 2008 Robert Lyons.