A London-based independent label from the turn of the decade.  The only Miramar singles that I have been able able to trace are listed below. First out of the blocks was 'Penny Black' by Charles McMiram and Richard Mathews (MIR-1; 1978); I'm somewhat puzzled as to why copies should currently be going for 150 - 250 on the internet, even granted that they came with a free postal first-day cover from the Isle Of Man.  'Oh For A Thousand Tongues To Tell' by the Westminster Central Hall Cathedral Group (MIR-2; 1978) also came with a stamp, as can be seen.  The single split between Your Hero, 'Dictator', and Kaleidoscope, 'Snogging At The Roxy', which came out in 1979 with a catalogue number of MIR-69, is collectable: it appears to have been reissued on Laser (LAS-10; 1979) with both sides credited to Your Hero.  There seems to have been a close connection between the two artists, for MIR-96, 'Let Me Love You', was by Kaleidoscope Featuring Your Hero.  The single by NWOBHM band Crucifixion, 'The Fox' (MIR-4; 1980) is also sought-after.  The label itself came in several different colour schemes: black-on-white, silver-on-mid-blue and silver-on-dark-blue.  The few examples that I have seen were pressed by Lyntone.  Google reveals that Charles McMiram & Co was a firm of stamp dealers, which perhaps explains the stamp aspect; it may be that Miramar was an offshoot of that business.

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