PHILIPS Discography

This discography only covers the 1970s, and it is horribly incomplete; a lot of the gaps are due to numbers being used for overseas releases.  In addition there was a slight overlap between the end of the BF-1000s and the start of the 6000-000s: for example, 'Share My Caravan', by Joe Griffiths, which had a matrix number of 6006-001, was released as BF-1831, and Richard Barnes's, 'Take To The Mountains', matrix 6006-010, appeared as BF-1840.   This may account for some of the earliest holes.  I have listed the BF-1800s / 6006-000s first, as that was the main series; the other numerical prefixes, which were often mainly used abroad, follow in numerical order after that. 

Copyright 2007 Robert Lyons.