Rediffusion International Music was the record division of a company called International Library Services, which supplied background music to supermarkets and the like.   The first Rediffusion records were issued in 1967, and more than two hundred albums appeared before the label closed down, which it did in 1982.  Singles initially had their own Rim (q.v.) label, which expired in 1969 and was revived briefly a decade later.  In the gap several singles came out on the actual Rediffusion label.  Numbering started in the RS-000s in 1972, RS-001 being Malta's entry for that year's Eurovision Song Contest, 'L'Imhabba', by Joseph & Helen; that may have been the only one in the series.  The next issues came out in 1974 and were numbered in the LML-200s.  At some point in or around 1975 the label was rebranded as Gold Star (q.v.), though the LML-200 numbering was retained.  The fare on offer seems to have been the same sort of Easy Listening / Lounge music which was featured on the albums.   Other Rediffusion labels were Fusion and Flight (q.v. both).  The company was also responsible for handling the Supraphon (q.v.) label.  According to Billboard (8th December 1973) Rediffusion was to open its own pressing plant in South Wales the following year, which initially would augment the current manufacturers British Homophone and Orlake rather than replace them.  Late '70s Rediffusion singles, on Rim, Flight and Fusion, were pressed by Lyntone, which suggests that the plant may have been intended mainly for the manufacture of albums. 


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