A custom recording concern, from Bristol.  Jules Smith is credited as engineer on several SMR albums, so it seems a reasonable bet that he was the man (or at least one of the people) behind the label.  The few SMR records that I have seen listed were from the second half of the '70s into the early '80s.  The company appears to have used two different numerical series for its records in the 1970s, an SMR-000 one to begin with and an SMR-01000 one from 1979; they appear to have been shared by albums, EPs and singles alike.  As is the way with custom recording concerns, SMR's products have turned out to be fairly google-proof.  The earliest example I have thus far traced was an album by the pupils of St. George's School, Bristol, 'St. George's School Concert', which was numbered SMR-008 and dates from 1975.  The latest was a 1981 LP by the Dorothy Stringer High School Choir & Orchestra, 'Stringer Live' (SMR-0735).  There was at least one 'maxi-single', 'Speedway' b/w 'The Motor Bike' and 'Wait And See' by Keeth (SMR-018; 1977).  SMR-015 was an album by the Fairfield Singers, 'Souvenir'; SMR-01001 was an album by the Gravesend School For Girls, a copy of which went for nearly 50 on ebay some time ago.  Other albums were 'A Day In The Life' by the Coloma School Choir (SMR-042), and 'The Western Band Of The Royal Air Force In Convert' (SMR-055; 1979).  The other SMRs remain a mystery, at the moment.  Presumably they're all down in the Bristol area.  Thanks to Ade Macrow of the 45cat site, to whom the scan belongs.

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