American.  Spring was founded in the late '60s by Bill Spitalsky and Roy & Julie Rifkind; it enjoyed considerable success in the States, and can claim to have issued the fist ever Hip-Hop single, the Fatback Band's, 'King Tim III'.   In Britain, Spring's records were licensed out to other labels, such as Polydor, until c.1976, when they began to appear on the company's own label.  Spring managed a few hit minor singles over here, with the Fatback Band, during the Disco era, but it seems not to have survived long into the '80s.  Manufacturing and distribution were by Polydor / Phonodisc; Spring singles shared a 2066-000 numerical series, and from 1979 a POSP-0 series, with those of Polydor.  Labels were generally of the injection moulded type (1) and the odd one or two were coloured silver; but occasionally the more attractive paper type appeared (2), presumably as a result of other manufacturers doing contract pressings.  The discography below only covers the 1970s.

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