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STOP PRESS - RECENT ADDITIONS,  September - October 2016:

A new label (no scan) - Sea Horse.
A new label - Kingsley Leisure.
A new label (no scan) - Checkmate.
A new label - Bible News.
A new label - Standfast.
A new 'label' - Wimbledon Girl Singers.

(That is, they have had scans or minor discographies added, or have had their text altered slightly)

Patheway - Text expanded.
Free Range - Scan provided, text revamped and corrected.
AK - Information supplied.
Star (1970) - Scan provided.
Spectre - This label was from the 1960s.
Six Pack - Scans provided.
Meteor - Irish; but it had UK offices and distribution, so I've reinstated it.
Top Deck - Text expanded.
Badger - Text expanded.
MWS - Text expanded.
Jester - Text expanded.
Kama Sutra - Scan of promo label added.
Stile - Text tweaked.