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STOP PRESS - RECENT ADDITIONS,  January - February 2017:

A new label - Tulip.
A new label (no scan) - Dog Rock.
A possible (arguably probable) new label - The Flowers.
A new 'label' - The Zips.
A new label - Gusto.
A new label - King.

(That is, they have had scans or minor discographies added, or have had their text altered slightly)

Cube - Text tweaked.
Fly - Text tweaked.
Weekend - Text tweaked.
Red Nail - Text comprehensively revamped.
RCA Bluebird - Text tweaked.
Neptune - Text tweaked.
Electric - Now 'The Electric Record Company'. Text tweaked.
Echo - Text expanded.
Daybreak - Text expanded.
Creole - Text tweaked.
Cactus - Text tweaked.
Mandal - Text expanded.
Page International - Text expanded.
Canon - Text tweaked.
Beechwood - Text expanded.
Barak - Text expanded slightly.
BAF - Text tweaked.
Fury - Text tweaked.
Lucky (RC or LS prefix) - Scan added, text tweaked.
Rainbow (1977-78) - Text expanded.
Aura - Text tweaked.