The label of Bootleg Studios, of Reddish, Stockport.  Bootleg was set up by Roger Salmon and Phil Platt, and it operated from 1979 until around 1982.  Most of its recording work seems to have been done for other companies, but it issued several records on its own label.  Catalogue numbers were in the BOOT-000s, and they reached at least BOOT-009.  There have been no dates on the labels of any of the records that I have seen pictured, but an article in a Manchester paper for late January 1980 on Phil Platt's site indicates that the second Bootleg record, a single by Tony Field entitled 'Record Of Love' would be available shortly; it seems like a good bet, therefore, that the Ronny Gibson EP 'Sincerely Yours' (BOOT-001), shown above, dates from the back end of 1979 and thus qualifies the label for a place on this site.  Some Bootleg singles from the 1980s had injection moulded labels of the sort that were pressed in France; some paper labels were yellow instead of white.  Collectable Bootleg records include an NWOBHM EP by Enigma featuring 'I Aim To Bluff' and three other tracks (BOOT-3; 1980), and an LP by Mod Revival band Direct Hits, 'Collision At Teen Junction' (BOOT-4; 1980).  The discography below lists such of the company's records as I have been able to trace.

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