The first Fantasy label to appear in Britain in the 1970s was a short-lived home-grown affair, from Bexleyheath in Kent.  It seems to have issued just two records, both of which were aimed at children.  Numbering was in an FY-0 series.  FY-1 was an album, 'Six Traditional Folk And Fairy Tales', which was issued in 1968 and was narrated by Howard Williams.  FY-2 appears to have been anonymous, but it was an EP and thus it qualifies the label for this site.  It was called 'The Adventures Of Mr. Switchit', and it came out on the 28th of October 1972, with distribution by Lugton and H. R. Taylor.  Sadly I haven't managed to track down a copy of that EP as yet, so I've put up a scan of the LP label as a make-weight.  If you can supply a scan of the EP I'd be glad to hear from you. 

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