The Sawmills Studios, of Golant, Cornwall, was set up in 1974.  One of Britain's first residential studios, it has played host to many big names over the years - XTC, Verve, the Stone Roses, etc - and is still flourishing today.  In a diversion from its main line of business it issued several singles through Sonet Records.  Initially, in 1976, the company's name appeared as a logo on the Sonet label (1), but in 1978-79 four singles appeared on an actual Sawmills label (2), all of which featured Obie Clayton and / or the Golant Pistons.  None of them sold in any quantity.  Sawmills singles shared a SON-2000 numerical series with those of Sonet, the company responsible for marketing them.  Manufacture and distribution were by Pye.

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