One of those cases where a record doesn't have a label name and I've had to use the band's name as an identifier.  In April 1979 Glasgow Punk / New Wave outfit The Zips put out an EP featuring 'Take Me Down', 'Don't Be Pushed Around', 'I'm In Love' and 'Over And Over'; funding was provided by Charlie Hayes, the owner of a local record shop.  The labels were black with silver printing; they had 'The ZIPS' at the top in large print, the titles under the spindle hole, and 'Published by Black Gold Music' at the bottom - on some sites the label is given as 'Black Gold Music' but I'm not convinced that that's justified.  The catalogue number was ZIPS-1.  The band went on to release a single, 'Radioactivity' b/w 'I'm Not Impressed', on their own Tenement Toons label (TEN-1; 1980) before splitting up at the end of 1980.  An illustrated article about them can be found on the Bored Teenagers site.

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