A custom recording and music publishing company from Telford.  Zero made records from 1978 to around 1983, though the early '80s were its busiest time.  It was responsible for singles, EPs and LPs; the ones which I have seen listed have been the usual Cabaret / Club / Folk material that custom recording concerns handled, though there were the occasional Rock records in there.  The numbering, which started out in the ZER-10000s, appears to be a bit convoluted: the prefix remained ZER throughout, and the last two digits seem to have made up a series, but the numbers in between varied.  Thus ZER-10001 (EP) seems to have been followed by ZER-10002 (LP), then ZER-9003 (LP), ZER-2004 (LP), ZER-8005 (EP), ZER-19006 (LP) and so on.  What the variations indicated, I have yet to find out, but from 1979 onwards the ZER-19000s were LPs with the ZER-8000s and 9000s being EPs or singles.  The 'discography' below only covers the 1970s.

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